• Winter Sale – save up to 20%

    T&G Antiques’ Winter Sale has now started. We have reduced the prices of a large selection of fine antique furniture and quality cushions by up to 20%. This sale will only last for a few weeks – these price reductions are not permanent, so now is the time to seize the opportunity to purchase fine antiques at substantially reduced prices.

  • Ten of Australia’s best historic houses

    Unsurprising, we have a keen interest in historic architecture and design and enjoy visiting historic buildings around the country and overseas. Therefore, we’ve together a list to share what we consider to be ten of Australia’s best historic homes. It is by no means comprehensive – despite the relative youth of Australia’s built heritage, there are many great historic houses dotted around the country.

  • Antiques: The most practical furniture?

    One of the more common things visitors to our store tell us is that our furniture is remarkably practical. Usually, these comments come with a note of surprise – it seems odd to people that furniture made two centuries ago or even earlier could outdo their modern equivalents in their functionality. It certainly seems natural to think that advances in

  • Perspective views – exploring the world from home in the 18th-century manner

    Appearing in the early part of the eighteenth century, perspective view engravings (also commonly know by their French name, vue d’optique) were an early example of images designed to be viewed through a special device to give an illusion of depth. The engravings themselves typically depicted the built environment – street scenes of major European cities, churches, and palaces were

  • T&G Antiques features in Home Beautiful magazine

    A couple of months ago, we were contacted by Home Beautiful magazine who were interested in featuring us in an article they were planning on Red Hill. We pleased to share news that earlier this week, the article appeared in print in the newly-released June edition of the magazine! Thanks Home Beautiful Magazine! (Please note, there is an error in